Hide warning icon on Polycom VoIP Phones

14th January 2019

1. Start on the idle screen. Here you can see the warning icon in the top left of the screen. 2. Press the home button and use the right arrow key to go to the "Settings" option and press the centre "OK" button. 3. Scroll down to the 4th option and select "Status...". Alternatively press the "4" key. 4. Select the 4th option again, "Diagnostics...". You could also press "4" again instead. 5. Go to "Warnings..." which is the 5th option, or press "5". 6. Here you can see a list of warnings, in this case we have a warning advising us to change the admin password from the default. 7. To clear the warning icon from the top of the screen, press the second button below the screen which corresponds to the "Clear Icon" option. figure img { border: .5rem solid black; border-radius: .5rem; }

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