Minimising Environmental Impact

27th March 2017

Here at M J Anthony Ltd, I believe a strong, ongoing commitment to our surrounding environment is vital. I work hard to minimise energy usage and lower the amount of waste. Along with the usual recycling (which we've all become familiar with in the past decade or so) and "turning off the lights when leaving the room", here is just a few of the methods I also use.

Minimising Energy Consumption

Along with my MacBook Pro, a laptop which is well known for its energy efficiency, I utilise a pair of 23" LG IPS monitors, which pull just 23W each when operating at full brightness. All lighting in the office has been replaced with LED equivalents. These consume just a tenth of the energy of the halogen bulbs they replaced. I have found the Lampaous range of LED bulbs to be both very reliable and cost effective.

Energy consumption of my workstation is monitored with a Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet, which also allows me to power everything off remotely, should anything be left switched on.

100% Green Electricity

All electricity consumed at the office is produced by 100% renewable energy sources. This is possible due to my current energy provider, OVO Energy, offering their "Greener Energy" package. Although this is marginally more expensive than their other package, it still costs me considerably less than my previous supplier. I also believe it is important to use clean energy sources where possible and avoid the burning of the finite resource of fossil fuels.

If you're interested in OVO Energy, sign-up here and they'll give us both a £25 voucher if you decide to switch.

Recycled Print Media

All paper-based material produced for M J Anthony Ltd is printed on 100% recycled paper, certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This includes my business cards, letters and envelopes. The company I choose to produce the bulk of my print material is They also happen to be the fastest company I've come across to process a print job—their turnaround is either 24 or 48 hours, depending on your requirements. As a comparison, in my experience, charge over 3 times more in delivery charges for what offer as standard service.

If you're interested in, sign-up here with my special link and you'll get a generous 20% off code which you can use on your first, second and third orders.


I am currently looking into more energy efficient solutions to heat the office. Unfortunately, heating with electricity does not currently make financial sense, so I am hoping to have a new energy efficient boiler installed by the end of the year.

Within the next couple of years, I am looking to install a 4kW photovoltaic solar panel array on the roof. This will provide a significant portion of the electricity used by the office and would also provide significant energy to heat and cool the house, with no cost or environmental impact.

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