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I'm a Digital Designer with expertise in User Experience available for both consultancy and freelance. Originally from Yorkshire, I now work from Lancaster which is situated in the north-west of England about halfway between London and Glasgow. A strong focus on user experience is prevalent throughout my work and all my website designs are responsive as standard.


Getting JSON from National Rail Enquiries SOAP API

14th April 2017

As someone who's skills lie on the side of design and front-end development, I was initially overwhelmed when first looking at the National Rail Enquiries API. Using an API of any sort was new territory for me—my initial research into SOAP confused me, to say the least. Fortunately, I came across a couple of projects to help with this exact situation. Before continuing, I must mention that you're going to need an API access token, to get one you must register for OpenLDBWS on the National Rail Enquiries website.

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The Colours of London Underground, Overground & DLR

1st April 2017

Over the years, I've been impressed with Transport for London's commitment to design. From the iconic, yet constantly evolving tube map created by Harry Beck in 1931, to the consistency of the signage and colours. So it was no surprise to me that TfL have an extensive and in-depth library of documents related to their design guidelines. Whilst building my latest application, I needed the individual colours unique to each line of the tube lines. Whilst all the colours are described in their "Colour Standard" document, this was a little inefficient when creating a stylesheet with CSS classes for each line. I've compiled each of the colours for Tube, Overground, TfL Rail and DLR lines into this handy table:

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Minimising Environmental Impact

27th March 2017

Here at M J Anthony Ltd, I believe a strong, ongoing commitment to our surrounding environment is vital. I work hard to minimise energy usage and lower the amount of waste. Along with the usual recycling (which we've all become familiar with in the past decade or so) and "turning off the lights when leaving the room", here is just a few of the methods I also use.

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